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    • Harry Coccossis

      Harry Coccossis

      Research activities: MSP and ICZM Coastal and Maritime Tourism

      • Bas Bolman

        Bas Bolman

        Education & career: ...xt of topics such marine governance, Integrated Coastal Zone Management (ICZM), Marine Spatial Planning (MSP), climate change and multi-use. In ICZM and MSP projects he is often...Projects: multi-use technologies - Policy analysis 2017 - 2017 Kuwait ICZM Framework, Kuwait Senior res...objectives of this task were to identify: 1. Typical indicators used in ICZM in international practice 2....

        • Lawrence (Larry) Hildebrand

          Lawrence (Larry) Hildebrand

          Education & career: ...ffice Led the development of a departmental Coastal and Ocean Engagement Framework and served as Departmental representative on inter-governmental ICZM initiatives  1999 – 2009    ...

          • Andrea Morf

            Andrea Morf

            Current teaching activities: ...institutional & policy analysis; institutional development for MSP, ICZM, natural resource and conserv...and knowledge integration. Empirical case experience to draw upon: MSP/ICZM/conservation/natural resource...

            • Magdalena Matczak

              Magdalena Matczak

              Education & career: ...ds of Hel" (1997-1999) assistant and project manager at VASAB 2020 Secretariat, Gdańsk (1999-2006) - working in the field of regional development, ICZM and MSP; Head of Spatial Pol...

              • Emiliano Ramieri

                Emiliano Ramieri

                Projects: the Conceptual Framework for MSP and the Common Regional Framework on ICZM in the Mediterranean, in the...methodology to perform analysis of land-sea interactions within MSP and ICZM, in the context of SUPREME an...

                • Caroline Salthouse

                  Caroline Salthouse

                  Projects: ...aNet Interreg project (Coastal Practitioners Network) which developed an ICZM case study database and beach...-wide QualityCoast awards. I was also involved as an expert assessor for ICZM case studies for OURCOAST.

                  • Cormac Walsh

                    Cormac Walsh

                    Research activities: Interests: Comparative study of practices of ICZM and MSP soft spaces of MSP Relationship between terrestrial and marine spatial planning Metageographies of coastal management Situated practices of nature conservation

                    • Eirik Mikkelsen

                      Eirik Mikkelsen

                      Selected publications (up to 5): ...lonia (Spain): a Q-methodology approach. Aquaculture, (424–425) 78–85. Sandersen, H, E Mikkelsen, E Moksness, JH Vølstad 2013: Knowledge issues in ICZM and EBM applied on small geog...