Caroline Salthouse

Education & career

I am an independent environmental consultant; a Chartered Environmentalist and a full member of the Institute of Environmental Management and Assessment (IEMA). I have a wide knowledge of integrated coastal and catchment management and partnership working, having worked on freshwater catchment management and then estuary management with the internationally acclaimed Mersey Basin Campaign. Since 2003 I have been providing the secretariat and day to day management of England’s only regional coastal partnership, the North West Coastal Forum. As well as this work I am currently on the Committee of the national Coastal Partnerships Network and a founder member and current Steering Group member of the Irish Sea Maritime Forum. I am a Marine Management Organisation Marine Environment representative on the Board of the North Western Inshore Fisheries and Conservation Authority and represent the NWCF on the North West and North Wales Coastal Group (shoreline management planning); I also lead the SMP Communications & Engagement Task Group and provide the secretariat for the sub-group of NW&NW Coastal Group which covers Liverpool Bay. Much of the above work I do on a voluntary basis following a change in NWCF funding in 2017, but some of the work is now delivered on a consultancy basis.

Available for teaching/education

I am currently leading the Shoreline Management Plan Communications and Engagement Task Group for the North West and North Wales Coastal Group. We are developing a Coms and Engagement Strategy and also a Training Strategy for the Group.

Recent projects have included working with Coastal Partnerships Network to develop proposals for a A National Framework Championing Coastal Coordination and providing a Regional Demonstration Project: Exploring the Benefits of a Regional Approach to Coastal Coordination in North West England using the North West Coastal Forum as a case study and undertaking additional research into the benefits of coastal coordination. I also undertook regional coordination work for the Wholescape Approach to Marine Management (WAMM) project on behalf of Coastal Partnerships Network, liaising with local partnerships across the North West to progress collaborative work on marine plastics around Morecambe Bay. Working with University of Liverpool in summer of 2020 I undertook an Irish Sea-wide survey to produce a report: The Future and Changing Context of the Irish Sea in the 2020s; the findings from this will be further explored at the forthcoming ISMF virtual conference on 15th September 2022.

Past projects include working with the Marine Management Organisation to deliver an EMFF-funded project to enhance stakeholder engagement in marine planning, delivering stakeholder engagement for the Celtic Seas Partnership LIFE project for Liverpool University, developing a set of coastal sustainability indicators for the SUSTAIN Interreg project with Sefton Council, and (also with Sefton) the CoPraNet Interreg project (Coastal Practitioners Network) which developed an ICZM case study database and beach management guide, together with sustainable tourism milestones which went on to develop into the Europe-wide QualityCoast awards. I was also involved as an expert assessor for ICZM case studies for the European Commission's OURCOAST project. I also commissioned and oversaw research into Understanding the Coastal Communities of North West England - a ground-breaking study bringing together datasets to create a replicable and detailed data 'picture' of the socio-economic and environmental situation for the NW's coastal communities, providing a baseline against which policy impacts can be assessed.

Selected publications (up to 5)

Ferreira, M., Pickaver, A. and Salthouse, C. 2011. Assessing sustainability and strengthening operational policies: the SUSTAIN project. Littoral 2010 – Adapting to Global Change at the Coast: Leadership, Innovation, and Investment 11004 DOI:

Hindle, R., Salthouse, C. and Shorten, J. 2011. Understanding the Coastal Communities of North West England: a Qualitative and Quantitative Assessment of Socio-Economic & Environmental Issues and Opportunities for Coastal Communities in North West England. Littoral 2010 – Adapting to Global Change at the Coast: Leadership, Innovation, and Investment 02001. DOI:

Cummins, V., O’Mahony, C., Ferreira, M., Fernández-Palacios Vallejo, Y., Pickaver, A., Salthouse, C. and Salman, A. 2007 QUALITYCOAST International Programme for Human & Environment Friendly Coastal Tourist Destinations. ICCCM’07 Proceedings

Salthouse, C. 2003. Into the Future. In: Baker-Schommer, M. and Curtis, M.S. (Editors), The Mersey Estuary: Naturally Ours, Second Edition, National Museums Liverpool, Liverpool, pp.105 – 106, ISBN 1-902700-20-1

Salthouse, S.C. 2000. Making the Most of the Mersey Estuary: A Partnership Approach to Catchment Management. International Journal of Urban Sciences: Journal on Asian-Pacific Urban Studies and Affairs, 4 (2), 129-138

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