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    • Cathal O'Mahony

      Cathal O'Mahony

      Address: Centre for Marine and Renewable Energy - University College Cork

      • Jan P.M. van Tatenhove

        Jan P.M. van Tatenhove

        Selected publications (up to 5): ...train than being hit by it”/Reflections from the perspective of recreational anglers and boats for hire/Maritime spatial planning and marine renewable energy Marine spatial planning: powe...

        • Marcello Graziano

          Marcello Graziano

          Selected publications (up to 5): ...macroeconomic impacts of the offshore wind technologies in the UK. Energy Policy, 108: 715-730. Graziano,, J., Greenhill, L. (2016) A transformational paradigm for marine renewable energy development. Energy Research...

          • Sybil Berne

            Sybil Berne

            Projects: ...ommunications, Climate Action and the Environment & Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland Title: Gui...ct Statements (EIS) and Natura Impact Statements (NIS) for offshore renewable energy projects Year: 2015-2017  ...Selected publications (up to 5): ...e, S., McElduff L., Ritchie, R. (2019). 'Mortas ciné and the consultation problem: a review of social acceptance at the An Spidéal Marine and Renewable Energy Demonstration Site', Pleanail...

            • Inne Withouck

              Inne Withouck

              Research activities: My PhD is investigating the siting of offshore renewable energy and how existing users of the marine space are take...eries activities during the siting and impact assessment of offshore energy developments.Projects: The Bryden Centre is an Interreg programme funding research on renewable energy (

              • Andronikos Kafas

                Andronikos Kafas

                Education & career: ...oyed as a Research Scientist in Offshore Renewable Energy and Marine Planning based in support of applications for offshore renewable energy developments in Scotland. He...en the marine environment and the marine renewable energy industries. He holds a BSc (H...Projects: ...ic surveys, ecosystem services evaluation, and other geospatial projects. His research currently focuses on the potential impacts of offshore renewable energy developments on commercial fi...

                • Daniel Depellegrin

                  Daniel Depellegrin

                  Address: College of Engineering, Mathematics and Physical Sciences Renewable Energy GroupSERFS Building, Penryn CampusPenrynCornwall TR10 9FE United Kingdom

                  • Glen Smith

                    Glen Smith

                    Address: MaREI Centre for Marine and Renewable EnergyBeaufort Building, Environmental Research Institute,University College Cork,Ringaskiddy, Co. CorkEducation & career: ...h German Durham University Result - 2:1 Awarded June 2006   CAREER 01/04/2019 - Present Postdoctoral researcher. Centre for Marine and Renewable Energy (MaREI), Environmental Resear...

                    • Rachel Thirlwall

                      Rachel Thirlwall

                      Education & career: ...e part in the summer school and give students different perspectives on MSP. There were talks from university professors, Marine Planners and Renewable Energy companies.  There was also a...