Benedict McAteer

Education & career

Currently, I am a PhD student at Queen's University Belfast, supervised by Dr. Wesley Flannery. My area of study is marine governance and citizen science, and my research is based in both Northern Ireland and the Netherlands. My PhD thesis explores the potential of citizen science as a means of leading to a radical turn in the operationalization of Marine Spatial Planning, examining the role which it can play in changing balances of power and instilling transformative learning outcomes within volunteers. I began studying a BSc (Hons) Environmental Planning degree at Queen's in 2012, before being transferred to and graduating (First Class Honours) with a Masters in European Planning (MPLAN) in 2016. In 2015 I spent an Erasmus year studying at the University of Amsterdam, as part of my MPLAN. I have a keen interest in the exploration of citizen science and social engagement with regimes of marine governance.


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