Marcello Graziano


Dow Science Complex 280

Mt. Plaesant, MI 48859


Other key interests
Current teaching activities
  • Economic Geography
  • Energy & the environment
Research activities

Currently part of ISSMER SHAPE Platform1 (Energy) and of RSA Sustainable Coastal Transitions, my work focuses on the Nexus between coastal regional development and new technologies, including renewable energy and advanced blue chemistry. 

  • Estimating the socioeconomic benefits of the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative
  • RSA Sustainable Coastal Transition Network
Selected publications (up to 5)

Alexander, K.A., Graziano, M. Scale mismatches: old friends, and new seascapes in a planning regime. (2018). In Heidkamp, P. and Morrissey, J., Coastal Transitions: Towards sustainability and resilience in the coastal zone. London, UK: Routledge. In press. [Official publication of the Regional Studies Association Network Grant ‘Sustainable Coastal Transitions’]

Graziano, M., Fox, C.J., Alexander, K., Pita, C.B., Heymans, J.J., Crumlish, M., Hughes, A., Ghanawi, J., Cannella, L. (2018) Does ‘Big’ always mean unsustainable under market stress? Evidences from two UK seafood sectors. [Funded by the Marine Alliance for Science and Technology Scotland]. Marine Policy, 87: 301-313.

Graziano, M., Musso, M., Lecca, P. (2017) Historic paths and future expectations: the macroeconomic impacts of the offshore wind technologies in the UK. Energy Policy, 108: 715-730.

Graziano, M., Billing, S-L., Kenter, J., Greenhill, L. (2016) A transformational paradigm for marine renewable energy development. Energy Research and Social Sciences, 23: 126-147.

Graziano, M., Gillingham, K. (2015) Spatial Patterns of Solar Photovoltaic System Adoption: The Influence of Neighbors and the Built Environment. Journal of Economic Geography, 15(4): 815-839.

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