Marcello Graziano


School of Business 229

Southern Connecticut State University

New Haven 06515, USA

Education & career


Phd in Geography (2014), University of Connecticut 

Laurea Specialistica (M.Sc. - 2009) in International Economics, University of Turin 

Laurea Triennale (B.Sc. - 2014) in Foreign Trade & Economics, University of Turin


Associate Professor, Department of Management & International Business, Southern Connecticut State University (2020-present).

Research Fellow, Connecticut Center for Economic Analysis, University of Connecticut (2014-present).

Assistant Professor of Geography, Department of Geography & Environmental Studies, Central Michigan University (2016-2020).

Postdoctoral Research Associate in Economic Geography, SAMS - University of the Highlands & Islands (2014-2020).

Co-founder and President, Semnia Ltd. (2011-2016).

Current teaching activities
  • Blue Economy and Innnovation;
  •  Coastal Economics Analystics;
  • International Business;
  • Business & Society. 


  • Economics of Resilience, Eversource Energy Center, $250,000, 2020-2023
  • Expanding Electric Vehicle Adoption & Electric Grid Interface, Eversource Energy Center, $70,000, 2020-2021.
Selected publications (up to 5)

Alexander, K.A., Graziano, M. Scale mismatches: old friends, and new seascapes in a planning regime. (2018). In Heidkamp, P. and Morrissey, J., Coastal Transitions: Towards sustainability and resilience in the coastal zone. London, UK: Routledge. In press. [Official publication of the Regional Studies Association Network Grant ‘Sustainable Coastal Transitions’]

Graziano, M., Fox, C.J., Alexander, K., Pita, C.B., Heymans, J.J., Crumlish, M., Hughes, A., Ghanawi, J., Cannella, L. (2018) Does ‘Big’ always mean unsustainable under market stress? Evidences from two UK seafood sectors. [Funded by the Marine Alliance for Science and Technology Scotland]. Marine Policy, 87: 301-313.

Graziano, M., Musso, M., Lecca, P. (2017) Historic paths and future expectations: the macroeconomic impacts of the offshore wind technologies in the UK. Energy Policy, 108: 715-730.

Graziano, M., Billing, S-L., Kenter, J., Greenhill, L. (2016) A transformational paradigm for marine renewable energy development. Energy Research and Social Sciences, 23: 126-147.

Graziano, M., Gillingham, K. (2015) Spatial Patterns of Solar Photovoltaic System Adoption: The Influence of Neighbors and the Built Environment. Journal of Economic Geography, 15(4): 815-839.

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