Results for "Spatial theory"


    • Stephen Jay

      Stephen Jay

      Key interests: Education (research-based), Energy, MSP processes, Spatial theory, Transboundary

      • Malena Ripken

        Malena Ripken

        Key interests: Ecosystem based management, Education (problem drivern), Education (research-based), Energy, MSP processes, MSP training, Power relations, Practitioner involvement, Spatial theory, Transboundary

        • Brice Trouillet

          Brice Trouillet

          Key interests: Data issues, Education (research-based), Fisheries, MSP processes, Power relations, Spatial theory

          • Thaysa Portela

            Thaysa Portela

            Key interests: Data issues, Ecosystem based management, Power relations, Shoreline management, Spatial theory, Transboundary, WebGIS

            • Cormac Walsh

              Cormac Walsh

              Key interests: ICM, Spatial theory, Transboundary

              • Liam M. Carr

                Liam M. Carr

                Key interests: Aquacultures, Ecosystem based management, Education (research-based), Fisheries, Integrated assessment, Recreation and tourism, Spatial theory, Transboundary

                • Maher Ali Al-Quhali

                  Maher Ali Al-Quhali


                  • Niccolò Bassan

                    Niccolò Bassan

                    Key interests: Conversation, Education (problem drivern), MSP processes, MSP training, Practitioner involvement, Shoreline management, Spatial theory, Transboundary

                    • Harry Coccossis

                      Harry Coccossis

                      Key interests: Education (problem drivern), Education (research-based), ICM, MSP processes, Recreation and tourism, Spatial theory, Transboundary

                      • Søren Qvist Eliasen

                        Søren Qvist Eliasen

                        Key interests: Fisheries, ICM, MSP processes, Spatial theory