Stephen Jay


Department of Geography & Planning

University of Liverpool

Liverpool, L69 7ZT

United Kingdom

Phone: + 44 151 794 3119
Education & career

PhDk Environmental planning, University of Manchester

MA Environmental Impact Assessment & Management, University of Manchester

BSc Environmental Sciences, University of Southampton


Reader, Department of Geography & Planning, University of Liverpool (2011-)

Senior Lecturer, Department of Planning, Sheffield Hallam University (2005-2011)

Lecturer, School of Planning and Landscape, University of Manchester (2002-2005)

Current teaching activities

Supervisor of PhD and Masters students theses

Teaching a range of modules on marine and environmental planning

Director of the Liverpool Institute for Sustainable Coasts & Oceans 

Available for teaching/education
Research activities

I am particularly interested in theoretical aspects of this new endeavour for planning, including tracing the conceptual origins of marine planning and the need to develop less rationalistic and more responsive approaches within settings as dynamic and uncertain such as the sea. I am currently drawing on post-structuralist interpretations of space and marine geographies, enabling an exploration of the concept of 'lively space and immersed planning'.


The evolution of marine spatial planning in Europe

Transboundary marine spatial planning

Development scenarios for European seas

Offshore wind energy planning in the UK

  • Integrating diverse values into the sustainable management of marine resources in the UK (2021-24)
  • Co-benefit Solutions for Resilient Coasts (Co-Opt) (2021-24)
  • Building Capacity for the Implementation of Marine Spatial Planning in Atlantic Africa (2020-21)
  • Sustainable Governance and Management of Israel’s and the UK’s Coasts and Seas (2020)
  • Supporting Implementation of Maritime Spatial Planning in the Celtic Seas European Commission (2016-)
  • Transboundary Planning in the European Atlantic, European Commission (2012-14)
  • Early European Experience of Planning the German Marine Environment, with the University of Oldenburg Germany (2009-10)
Selected publications (up to 5)

Jay, S. (2010) Built at Sea: Marine management and the construction of marine spatial planning, Town Planning Review, 81 (2), 173-191

Jay, S. (2012) Marine space: manoeuvring towards a relational understanding, Journal of Environmental Policy and Planning, 14 (1), 81-96

Jay, S. (2013) From disunited sectors to disjointed segments? Questioning the functional zoning of the seas, Planning Theory and Practice, 14 (4), 509-525

Jay, S. (2015) Transboundary maritime spatial planning in the Irish Sea, in Hassan, D., Kuokkanen, T. & Soininen, N., Transboundary Maritime Spatial Planning: a Legal Perspective, Earthscan, London, 174-188

Jay, S., Klenke, T. & Janßen, H. (2016) Consensus and Variance in the Ecosystem Approach to Marine Spatial Planning: German Perspectives and Multi-Actor Implications, Land Use Policy, 54, 129-138

Jay, S. (2018) The shifting sea: from soft space to lively space, Journal of Environmental Policy and Planning, 20(4), 450-467

Jay, S. & Jones, H. (2019) Towards a framework for higher education for marine spatial planning, Marine Policy, 99, 230-238

Jay, S. (2020) Measured as the water flows: the striated and smooth in marine spatial planning, Maritime Studies, 19, 255-268,

Li, S. & Jay, S. (2020) Transboundary marine spatial planning across Europe: Trends and priorities in nearly two decades of project work, Marine Policy, 118, 104102

Trouillet, B. & Jay, S. (2021) The complex relationships between marine protected areas and marine spatial planning: Towards an analytical framework, Marine Policy, 127, 10441

Jay, S. (2021) Experiencing the Sea: Marine planners’ tentative engagement with their planning milieu, Planning Practice and Research, 37 (2) 136-151.  

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