Maher Ali Al-Quhali

Education & career


  • Erasmus Mundus Master Course on MSP (Università IUAV di Venezia, University of Seville and University of the Azores) (2016 - Present)
  • Advanced Training Summer School on Sustainable Blue Growth in the Mediterranean and Black Sea Countries – The Italian National Institute of Oceanography and Applied Geophysics - 2017

  •  Specialization in Vessel Traffic System (VTS) – Italian Coast Guard – January-June2014

  • Higher course in Armed conflict and Conflict Management, Human Rights, Administrative Maritime
    Rights, information and communication Technical service and Organization – Italian Naval academy 2012-2013
  • Diploma in Naval and Maritime science – University of Pisa- Italian Naval academy 2009-2012



  • Research Assistant at the World Maritime University in Malmo Sweden
  • Trainer (in English language) for several Courses (Maritime Security)
  • VTS Operator
  • Chief on board for anti-Piracy and SAR (Search & Rescue) operations at Aden Port
  • Assistant of the Director of relations and International cooperation in YCGA


Research activities

Working on VTS Data in Maritime Spatial Planning


Research Assistant for the OpenRisk project

Selected publications (up to 5)
Al-Quhali, M, A., Baldauf, M., Fiorini, M. (2018). Enhanced Marime Spaal Planning through VTS.
Conference paper in the 16th International Conference on Intelligent Transport Systems
Telecommunications ITST2019. IEEE.
BAL BEŞİKÇİ, E., Baldauf, M., Goerlandt, F., Al-Quhali, M, A., Laine, M, V. (2018). Modelling ship
accident-related oil spills in the Balc Sea to understand resilience in shipboard operaon.
Submitted for Safety of Science Journal.
Laine, M, V., Goerlandt, F., Baldauf, M., Mehdi, R., BAL BEŞİKÇİ, E., Al-Quhali., M, A., Yvonne, K.,
Backer, H. (2018) OpenRisk Guideline for Regional Risk Management to improve European
Pollution Preparedness and Response at Sea. Guideline in progress to be published at the end of
the OpenRisk project.
Goerlandt, F., Laine, M, V., Baldauf, M., BAL BEŞİKÇİ, E., Al-Quhali, M, A., Yvonne, K. (2019). End-
user and stakeholder views on selected risk assessment tools for marine oil spill preparedness and
response. Forthcoming conference paper for the 13th international conference on Marine
Navigaon and Safety of Sea Transportation TransNav2019.
Valtteri Laine, Floris Goerlandt, Jens-Uwe Schröder-Hinrichs, Elif Bal Beşikçi, Maher Ali Al-Quhali, Jorma
Rytkönen, Heli Haapasaari, Jani Häkkinen (2018). "Baltic Sea case study – A Practical Demonstration on the Use of the OpenRisk Guideline. Baltic Sea Environment Proceedings No. 165”

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