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    • Malena Ripken

      Malena Ripken

      Research activities: Stakeholder participation / engagement in transnational MSP, especially: Living Q Method MSP Challenge Games

      • Wesley Flannery

        Wesley Flannery

        Research activities: stakeholder participation; port and coastal transitions; coastal and marine cultural heritage; power and MSPSelected publications (up to 5): ...rnance: learning from transition management. Marine Policy, 95, pp.24-35. Link Flannery, W., Healy, N., and Luna, M. (2017) Exclusion and non-participation in Marine Spatial Planning. M...

        • Helena Calado

          Helena Calado

          Projects: ...s. ACORES-01-0145-FEDER000091CRYPTO - Financiado pelo PO Governo Regional dos Açores 2020 – EU; 2018-2021, Total founding amount: 179.998,13€. Participation: Calado, H.

          • Andrea Morf

            Andrea Morf

            Current teaching activities: Lecturing and instructing at expert level, bachelor, master and PhD level on participation, conflict management, transboundary collaboration, institutional & policy analysis; institu...Research activities: ...egio, Stockholm: Scientific analysis in the areas of coastal and marine spatial planning, integrated coastalmanagement, multilevel governance, participation and conflict management with...Selected publications (up to 5): Morf A, Gee K, Kull M, Piwowarczyk J. 2019. Towards a ladder of MSP participation. Chapter in Anthology on ‘Marine spatial planning – past, present, future’, chapter 10 In: Zaucha, J., &...

            • Magdalena Matczak

              Magdalena Matczak

              Research activities: ...ltic MSP projects intersted mostly in the spatial conflicts management, cultural heriatege aspects, cross-sectoral approach and active public participation

              • Lucy Greenhill

                Lucy Greenhill

                Selected publications (up to 5): .... Brooker, E., Hopkins, C.R., Devenport, E., Greenhill, L., Duncan, C., (2019). Civil society participation in the Scottish marine planni...

                • Margarida Almodovar

                  Margarida Almodovar

                  Current teaching activities: Some participation as guest lecture concerning MSP and ICM issues on some masters and degrees Co-advisor some theses on MSP

                  • Michele Quesada-Silva

                    Michele Quesada-Silva

                    Other key interests: Stakeholder ParticipationResearch activities: Master thesis: Stakeholder Participation in MSP

                    • Sereno DuPrey Diederichsen

                      Sereno DuPrey Diederichsen

                      Other key interests: Public Participation

                      • Jon C. Day

                        Jon C. Day

                        Selected publications (up to 5): ...plague marine protected areas. Aquatic Conservation: Marine and Freshwater Ecosystems (Suppl. 2): 7-23 (2016) Day JC (2017) Effective Public Participation is Fundamental for Marine Con...

                        • Rachel Thirlwall

                          Rachel Thirlwall

                          Research activities: Masters Dissertation focused on the opportunities and challenges for public participation within MSP. Undergraduate Dissertation focused on exploring the behaviour of inter tidal gastropods in relation to environmental changes.