Wesley Flannery


School of Natural and Built Environment, Queen's University Belfast

Research activities

stakeholder participation; port and coastal transitions; coastal and marine cultural heritage; power and MSP


2020 -2023 Development  of  a  new  class  of  wave  energy  converter  based  on hydrodynamic lift forces  LIFTWEC (H2020)

2020 -2023  Holistic Sustainability Performance Assessment of Irish Ports/Harbours (EPA funded)

2019- 2024 Facilitating Integrated and Responsive Coastal Governance  FAIRCoast (Norwegian Research Council)

2018 – 2021 Preserving and Sustainably Governing Cultural Heritage and Landscapes In European Coastal and Maritime Regions PERICLES (H2020)

2018 – 2021 Maritime, Ocean Sector and Ecosystem Sustainability MOSES (Interreg)

Selected publications (up to 5)

Clarke, J. and Flannery, (2020) The post-political nature of marine spatial planning and modalities for its re-politicisation, Journal of Environmental Policy & Planning. 22(2), pp.170-183. link

Kelly, C., Ellis, G. and Flannery, W., 2018. Conceptualising change in marine governance: learning from transition management. Marine Policy, 95, pp.24-35. Link

Flannery, W., Healy, N., and Luna, M. (2017) Exclusion and non-participation in Marine Spatial Planning. Marine Policy, 88, pp. 32-40. link

Flannery, W., Ellis, G., Ellis, G., Flannery, W., Nursey-Bray, M., van Tatenhove, J.P., Kelly, C., Coffen-Smout, S., Fairgrieve, R., Knol, M. and Jentoft, S., (2016). Exploring the winners and losers of marine environmental governance...Planning Theory & Practice, 17:121-151 link

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