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    • Thomas Klenke

      Thomas Klenke

      Research activities: Topics of my particular interest Mindsets and decision making of marine spatial planners Social-ecological frameworks for MSP practices Promoting maritime multi-uses including blue bio-economy via MSP  

      • Juan Luis Suárez de Vivero

        Juan Luis Suárez de Vivero

        Research activities: ...l planning, Geographical dimension of the UN Convention on the Law of the Sea, Coastal zone management, Fisheries management (fishing communities, social institutions and participatio...

        • Stephen Hull

          Stephen Hull

          Projects: ...nomic Value model.   Marine Planning 2018 - Social Evidence for Marine Planning...anisation) Project Director to ABPmer’s contribution to study to define social information requirements to s...

          • Helena Maria Gregório Pina Calado

            Helena Maria Gregório Pina Calado

            Projects: dos Açores – REOTA 2003”. Estudo financiado pela Secretaria Regional do Ambiente e do Mar.  2006/2009 - “Gestão Sustentável do Desenvolvimento Social, económico e ecológico das ár...

            • Eirik Mikkelsen

              Eirik Mikkelsen

              Education & career: PhD in Economics/social science on user-interactions in the coastal zone...ior scientist at Nofima - Main research theme is social and economic aspects of marin...e management. Previously: Research director for social science research at Norut (no...

              • Antony Firth

                Antony Firth

                Selected publications (up to 5): Firth, A. 2015, The Social and Economic Benefits of Mari...tps://

                • Kira Gee

                  Kira Gee

                  Research activities: I have a natural sciences background but have always been interested in the social, cultural and political domains of coastal and marine systems. For the past 20 years my main focus h...Selected publications (up to 5): Saunders, F.; Gilek, M.; Ikauniece, A.; Tafon, R.V.; Gee, K.; Zaucha, J. Theorizing Social Sustainability and Justice in Marine Spatial Planning: Democracy, Diversity, and Equity. Sus...

                  • Rachel Zuercher

                    Rachel Zuercher

                    Other key interests: Small-scale fisheries; fisheries social-ecological systems

                    • Elizabeth M. De Santo

                      Elizabeth M. De Santo

                      Selected publications (up to 5): ...ol.2015.11.003. De Santo, E.M. (2013) Missing marine protected area targets: how the push for quantity over quality undermines sustainability and social justice. Journal of Environme...

                      • Natasha Simmonds

                        Natasha Simmonds

                        Projects: Past Research Projects Investigation into Private Sector Engagement with Mangroves: Five International Case Studies of Corporate Social Responsibility (2019) Cultural Valuation of...

                        • Andrea Morf

                          Andrea Morf

                          Current teaching activities: ...oup game. Depending on workload, on-going projects possible to combine social sciences internships and of Swedish and/or other Nordic language may be required (qualitative social sciences data).

                          • Andreas Skriver Hansen

                            Andreas Skriver Hansen

                            Current teaching activities: Outdoor recreation and tourism studies, Physical planning, Environmental planning and managment, Studies in periferal and coastal-marine areas, Sustainability and sustainable development, Natural resource management, Marine sciences (social science aspects), Basic and advanced courses in geography

                            • Professor Tavis Potts

                              Professor Tavis Potts

                              Address: a Personal Chair in Sustainable Development and Environmental Governance. Prof. Potts interests include understanding just transitions and the social dimensions of climate and ene...

                              • Marcello Graziano

                                Marcello Graziano

                                Selected publications (up to 5): ...iano, M., Billing, S-L., Kenter, J., Greenhill, L. (2016) A transformational paradigm for marine renewable energy development. Energy Research and Social Sciences, 23: 126-147. Grazi...

                                • Kübra Ceviz

                                  Kübra Ceviz

                                  Other key interests: marine social science