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    • Brice Trouillet

      Brice Trouillet

      Key interests: FisheriesResearch activities: ...ocuses on the relations between human groups and maritime space. Through the lens of STS and critical approaches, I particularly use the case of fisheries in marine spatial planning to...Projects: I am currently involved in 7 research programs: Chaire maritime (coord. Brice Trouillet; University of Nantes' Fondation, 2018-2023), COP-VALPENA (coord. Brice Troui...Selected publications (up to 5): ...41 Said, A., & Trouillet, B. (2020) Bringing 'Deep knowledge' of fisheries into marine spatial planning....interests: the role played by geo-technologies in the place given to fisheries in marine spatial planning. G...

      • Bas Bolman

        Bas Bolman

        Education & career: ...ional and international projects relating to fisheries and aquaculture. These projec...focussing on the competitiveness of European fisheries and aquaculture. Furthermore...OEXIST, focussing on a better integration of fisheries, aquaculture and other activi...Key interests: FisheriesProjects: ...of Europe's seas, EU Senior researcher Blue economy assessment for fisheries, aquaculture, shipping, dredging and oil & gas 2016 - 2017 Quick scan fisheries and aquaculture Indonesia, Ne...Selected publications (up to 5):, B.C., Bink, E., Dop, H. van den, Dekker, A., Numan, J. Spek, G. Pijl, W. van der (2015). Capacity building for sustainable aquaculture and fisheries development in Myanmar.IMARES...

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