Riku Varjopuro


Finnish Environment Institute

Latokartanonkaari 11

00790 Helsinki


Phone: +358400148843
Other key interests
Current teaching activities

Occasional lectures as invited speaker, otherwise none.


On-going ones only:

  • Plan4Blue - Maritime Spatial Planning for Sustainable Blue Economies. A Finnish-Estonian project to support cross-border collaboration in MSP. Varjopuro coordinates the project and leads activities that focus on practices of cross-border collaboration. Funded by INTERREG Central Baltic Programme (2016-2019), https://www.syke.fi/projects/plan4blue
  • Pan Baltic Scope – Varjopuro leads a task that develops monitoring and evaluation processes for Polish and Latvia national MSP processes. The work is conducted in close collaboration with the national MSP authorities. Varjopuro takes part also in the Planning Forum, in which national MSP authorities of the participating countries handle topical cross-border planning issues. The project is funded by DG MARE via EASME (2018-2019), http://www.panbalticscope.eu/
Selected publications (up to 5)

Varjopuro, R. 2019. Evaluation of Marine Spatial Planning: Valuing the Process, Knowing the Impacts. In: Zaucha and Gee (eds.) Maritime Spatial Planning – past present and future. Palgrave Macmillan, Cham, Switzerland. pp: 417-440.

Janßen, Holger, Riku Varjopuro, Anne Luttmann, Andrea Morf and Hanna Nieminen 2018. Imbalances in interaction for transboundary marine spatial planning: Insights from the Baltic Sea Region. Ocean & Coastal Management, 161: 201-210

Gilbert, A. J., K. Alexander, R. Sardá, R. Brazinskaite, C. Fischer, K. Gee, M. Jessopp, P. Kershaw, H. J. Los, D. March Morla, C. O’Mahony, M. Pihlajamäki, S. Rees, and R. Varjopuro. 2015. Marine spatial planning and Good Environmental Status: a perspective on spatial and temporal dimensions. Ecology and Society, 20: 64

Varjopuro, R., Andrulewicz, E., Blenckner, T-. Dolch, T., Heiskanen, A.-S., Pihlajamäki,M.,  Brandt,  U. S., Valman, M., Gee, K., Potts, T., Psuty, I.  2014.  Coping with persistent environmental problems: systemic delays in reducing eutrophication of the Baltic Sea. Ecology and Society, 19: 48.

Hauck, Jennifer, Christoph Görg, Riku Varjopuro, Outi Ratamäki, Joachim Maes, Heidi Wittmer, and Kurt Jax 2013. ‘"Maps have an air of authority": Potential benefits and challenges of ecosystem service maps at different levels of decision making.’ Ecosystem Services, 4: 25-32.

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