MSPRN E-Newsletter 02/2023

Welcome to the fourth MSPRN E-Newsletter!

July 2023

  MSPRN E-Newsletter 01/2023 


The Marine Spatial Planning Research Network is a diverse group of scientists, policy-makers and practitioners engaged in the constructive development of MSP through critical thinking, teaching, research, consultancy and implementation. We bring together academic expertise from across the social and natural sciences, such as marine ecology, terrestrial planning, geography, and political science, working alongside practitioners, consultancies and policy-makers. We are an informal network open to new participants who share our overall aims and encourage early-career researchers to join us. For more information please visit our website.

1. New MSP projects

  • Blue-Paths – Addressing Sustainability Transition Pathways in the Blue Economy - is a HORIZON – Marie SkÅ‚odowska-Curie Actions 2021 of the Horizon Europe program. The two year Post-Doctoral Fellowship (03/2023 to 02/2025) is carried out at the University of Girona (UdG, Spain) in the Landscape Analysis & Management Group, Department of Geography. Blue-Paths aims to foster sustainable use of the marine socio-ecological system (SES) through the development of an innovative Sustainable Transition Framework (STF), that will investigate the pathways of pervasive ocean technologies (OTs) transformations in the most important sectors of the Blue Economy: namely Ocean Renewable Energy (ORE) Systems, coastal tourism, shipping, fishery & aquaculture, nature protection, deep sea mining. The STF has a flexible design and will enable to incorporate new OTs as they emerge during the study. More Information: (TW: @blue_paths). Contact: Research-Lead: Dr. Daniel Depellegrin (; Supervisor: Dr. Carolina Martí Llambrich (

2. Upcoming and recent MSP events


  • EurOCEAN Conference, 10-11th , Vigo, Galicia, October 2023.
    EurOCEAN conferences are major European marine science-policy conferences organized every 4-5 years. They provide a forum for the marine and maritime research community and wider stakeholders to interface with European and Member State policymakers and strategic planners. The aim of the EurOCEAN 2023 science-policy conference is to highlight the synergies between the EU Mission: Restore our Ocean and Waters by 2030, other EU research and innovation, and management initiatives, and the UN Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development. EurOCEAN 2023 will attract marine policy makers, marine scientists, science stakeholders and communicators, maritime industry representatives and European and national decision makers and programme managers, i.e. those that set, manage and implement the marine science agenda. Conference website.


  • MSPRN Webinar: MSP Futures: Beyond Single-Use Zoning? 12th April 2023.
    This MSPRN webinar on multi-use in MSP brought together three excellent presentations from research in Brazil, the Mediterranean and the North Sea, focussing, on social, culture, cultural and technical aspects of multi-use and the role of future of zoning in MSP. We anticipate that the event will provide a starting point for a further MSPRN webinars in the future. Please read the report here for more information. Please see the webinar report here.
  • REGINA-MSP Conference on Ocean Literacy, Calgari, May 2023.
    Participants shared inspiring initiatives at local and broader scales to promote the culture of the oceans. CORILA (Consortium for coordination of research activities concerning the Venice lagoon system) developed a tool to help regional stakeholders to build ocean literacy strategies. Stay informed via our website and newsletter.
  • Human activities at sea and marine spatial planning, Conference, Nantes, 5th June 2023.
    Programme and further information are available here.
  • Fair Seas Conference, Cork, 8th June 2023: Information available here.
  • Digital Ocean Forum 2023, 15th June 2023: more information.
  • WestMED Stakeholder Conference, 23rd June 2023: conference website.
  • Atlantic Arc Action Pillar, 30th June 2023: event information.

3. New MSP publications (from MSPRN members)

  • Reimer, J., Claudet, J., Trouillet, B., Ban, N., Agardy, T. & Devillers, R. (2023) Conservation ready marine spatial planning. Marine Policy, 153, 105655.
  • Quinio, L., Ripken, M., Klenke, T., Trouillet, B., Hansen, H.S., & Schrøder, L. (2023) Exploring ecosystem-based approaches in Marine Spatial Planning through actor-driven perceptual mapping. Marine Policy, 152, 105604.
  • Trouillet, B., Gaye, N., Seck, A., Desse, M., Fall, A.N., Fossi, A., Guineberteau, T., Kane, A., & Pourinet, L. (2023) Geographic informational issues in marine spatial planning: Lessons from artisanal small-scale fisheries in Senegal. In Bertrand, S., & Bonnin, M. Planification spatiale marine en Atlantique tropical : D'une tour de Babel à l'organisation d'une intelligence collective. Montpellier, IRD Editions, 235-265. (an English version will be available soon in June)
  • Calado, H., Vergílio, M., Moniz, F., Grimmel, H., Monwar, M.M., Papaioannou, E.A. (2023). The Diverse Legal and Regulatory Framework for Marine Sustainability Policy in the North Atlantic – Horrendograms as Tools to Assist Circumnavigating Through a Sea of Different Maritime Policies. In: Partelow, S., Hadjimichael, M., Hornidge, AK. (eds) Ocean Governance. MARE Publication Series, vol 25. Springer, Cham.
  • BLASCO, J., POLETTE, M., LAIZ, I., CALADO, H. (Eds.) (2023). STOTEN Special issue: Blue knowledge generation for improving sustainable water and coastal management. Science of Total Environment Journal.
  • D. Gutierrez, H. Calado and J. García-Sanabria (2023). A proposal for engagement in MPAs in areas beyond national jurisdiction: The case of Macaronesia, Science of the Total Environment,
  • Withouck, I., Tett, P. Doran., J. Mouat, B., Shucksmith, R. (2023) Diving into a just transition: How are fisheries considered during the emergence of renewable energy production in Scottish waters? Energy Research and Social Science, 101, 103135,
  • Kusters, J.E.H., Van Kann, F.M.G., & Zuidema, C. (2023). Exploring agenda-setting of offshore energy innovations: Niche-regime interactions in Dutch Marine Spatial Planning processes. Environmental Innovation and Societal Transitions, 47.
  • Kyvelou, S.S., Dimitrios G. Ierapetritis, & Chiotinis, M. (2023) The Future of Fisheries Co-Management in the Context of the Sustainable Blue Economy and the Green Deal: There Is No Green without Blue, Sustainability 2023, 15(10), 7784;

4. Policy and Practice

5. Successfully completed PhD

Davret, Juliette (2023) La partie immergée de l’information géographique : Analyse critique à travers le cas de la planification maritime. Nantes University, PhD in geography, 31 March. (The submerged part of geographical information: Critical analysis through the case of MSP). Juliette is now a postdoc at Maynooth University (Ireland), Department of Geography..

6. MSPRN Membership

We have now removed from our list of members people who have not been active for a long time. So we now have 190 active members! This is a good oppportunity for you to check your profile, bring it up to date and add new information and a nice photo if you haven’t already done so! The more information we have about ourselves, the more we demonstrate that we are a dynamic network and people can contact us with a view to working together. Newer members: you are especially encouraged to build your profile. A guide is attached to help you to do this.

Note: the items in this newsletter are based on the information provided by members of the MSPRN network. As such, it will it is inevitably selective and partial in its coverage.

Newsletter prepared by Cormac Walsh on behalf of the MSPRN Steering Group, 06.02.2022. The newsletters are archived on the homepage of the MSPRN website (top right).