MSPRN E-Newsletter 02/2022

Welcome to the second MSPRN E-Newsletter!

August 2022

  MSPRN E-Newsletter 01/2022 


The Marine Spatial Planning Research Network is a diverse group of scientists, policy-makers and practitioners engaged in the constructive development of MSP through critical thinking, teaching, research, consultancy and implementation. We bring together academic expertise from across the social and natural sciences, such as marine ecology, terrestrial planning, geography, and political science, working alongside practitioners, consultancies and policy-makers. We are an informal network open to new participants who share our overall aims and encourage early-career researchers to join us. For more information please visit our website.

1. New MSP projects

  • REGINA-MSP: Regions to boost National Maritime Spatial Planning - European Maritime, Fisheries and Aquaculture Fund (EMFAF), start date November 2022. REGINA-MSP aims at improving the participation of Regions (level 2 units in the NUTS classification) as well as local authorities and stakeholders in the development and implementation of National maritime spatial planning.

2. Upcoming and recent MSP events



  • MUD: Marine | Urban | Development: Planning traditions and transitions on land and at sea, conference, Breda University of Applied Sciences, Netherlands, 2-3 June 2022, presentations available here
  • Where Land Meets Sea: Planning Challenges and Opportunities at the Coast, International Centre for Local and Regional Development (ICLRD) webinar, 18th May 2022 (Ireland), video available here

3. New MSP publications (from MSPRN members)

  • Kathryn Collins (2022). Shifting Sands, Layering Meanings: A tale of the Goodwin Sands, told through its social production. Shima,16(1), 199–225. 10.21463/shima.158
  • Benedict McAteer, Liam Fullbrook, Wen-Hong Liu, Jodie Reed, Nina Rivers, NataČ™a Vaidianu, Aron Westholm, Hilde Toonen, Jan van Tatenhove, Jane Clarke, Joseph Onwona Ansong, Brice Trouillet, Catarina Frazão Santos, Sondra Eger, Talya ten Brink, Eric Wade, and Wesley Flannery (2022) Marine Spatial Planning in Regional Ocean Areas: Trends and Lessons Learned, Ocean Yearbook Online,
  • Miriam von Thenen, Aurelija Armoškaite, Vìctor Cordero-Penìn, Sara Garcìa-Morales, Josefine B. Gottschalk, Débora Gutierrez, Malena Ripken, Pascal Thoya and Kerstin S. Schiele (2021) The Future of Marine Spatial Planning - Perspectives from Early Career Researchers in Sustainability 13(24):13879.

The second of two special issues with Planning Practice and Research: Planning for Sea Spaces II is now published (edited by Sielker, F., Smith, G., Walsh, C. & Crawford, J.), The special issue includes the following papers:

4. Training, Capacity Building, Policy Outreach

  • Are EU Member State’s Maritime Spatial Plans Fit for Nature and Climate? Assessment of the Alignment of the Maritime Spatial Plans of Belgium, Germany, Latvia and Sweden with EU Environmental Legislation, BirdLife International, June 2022, prepared by C. Walsh & M. Loch, technical report and assessments available here
  • An Evaluation of Ireland’s Marine Spatial Plan – The National Marine Planning Framework, Sustainable Water Network, May 2022, prepared by C. Walsh.

5. Successfully completed PhD and Master theses

  • Josefine B. Gottschalk (2021) Scratching Below the Surface: Is the Maritime Spatial Planning of the European Union Ready for Adequate Marine Conservation? Master Thesis, Technische Universität Berlin, available at: 10.13140/RG.2.2.13234.12488. The Master Thesis was awarded with the Science Award for Sustainability Research of Friends of the Earth Germany (BUND):

6. New appointments / change of positions


Note: the items in this newsletter are based on the information provided by members of the MSPRN network. As such, it will it is inevitably selective and partial in its coverage.

Newsletter prepared by Cormac Walsh on behalf of the MSPRN Steering Group, 05.08.2022.