Xander Keijser


Rijkswaterstaat Water Verkeer & Leefomgeving

Zuiderwagenplein 2 | 8224 AD | Lelystad | The Netherlands

Postbus - P.O. Box 2232 | 3500 GE Utrecht | The Netherlands

Education & career

Xander has a background in Economics and Environment & Resource Management. Xander studied Economics, with a specialization in development economics, at the University of Amsterdam and Environment and Resource Management at the Free University in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

Since 2009, Xander is working for Rijkswaterstaat/Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management. During his 2-year trainee period, he has worked at 3 different departments within Rijkswaterstaat on many different projects, such as the Interreg project Climate Proof Areas, a project on water awareness in the Netherlands and socio-economic analyses for the European Marine Strategy Framework Directive (MSFD). During his trainee program he also worked 6 months for Deltares. At Deltares he worked on an international project in Indonesia called ‘Institutional Strengthening for Integrated Water Resources Management in the 6 CIS River Basin Territory,’ where he investigated flood damages in the Bandung Basin.

Xander is now working on different projects related to the marine environment, and more specifically related to the North Sea. Xander is performing socio-economic analyses for the MSFD, is part of the EU Interreg project NorthSEE (a North Sea perspective on Shipping, Energy and Environmental aspects in MSP) and he is part of the development team of the Maritime Spatial Planning Challenge 2050. Furthermore, Xander is doing an external PhD at Wageningen University on the use of Serious Games in MSP.


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Maritime Spatial Planning Challenge (www.mspchallenge.info)

NorthSEE (www.northsee.eu)

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