Shenghui Li


1954 Huashan Road, Xuhui District, Shanghai, China

Education & career

July 2021 to present School of Oceanography, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Post-doctoral Researcher

Sept.2016-June 2021 Xiamen University & University of Liverpool, Marine Spatial Planning, Joint PhD

Sept.2014-June 2016 Xiamen University, Master of Marine Affairs (MMA) International Programme

Sept.2010-June 2014 Xiangtan University, Political Science and Administration, BA

Other key interests
Current teaching activities

Marine Spatial Planning: Theory and Practice (2021 Training Workshop on Marine Spatial Planning Technology)

Introduction of Marine Spatial Planning (Module of Marine Policy and Management, Postgraduates Course)


2021.12-present The Frontier and Analysis on Global Marine Spatial Planning

2021.09-present  A Study on China's Marine Ecological Protection Policy and the Post-2020 Global Biodiversity Framework

2019.10-2021.09  Transboundary Marine Spatial Planning in Xiamen-Kinmen Sea Area

2018.07-2020.06  A Study on the Marine Cross-boundary Governance in Xiamen-Kinmen Sea Area

2018.01-2018.12  Building A Community of Shared Future of Marine Sustainable Development among China and the Countries along the 21st Century Maritime Silk Road: the Case Study of Xiamen-Kinmen Sea Area

2016.12-2017.12  Decade Review in the Reginal Sea Use Planning (2006-2016)

2014.12-2016.12  Research and Planning on the Collaborative Governance Mechanism of Living Resources in the Taiwan Bank

2014.07-2015.10  A Study on Regional Collaboration Mechanism on Marine Governance in Xiamen, Zhangzhou, Quanzhou and Kinmen

Selected publications (up to 5)

Shenghui Li, Stephen Jay. Transboundary marine spatial planning across Europe: Trends and priorities in nearly two decades of project work[J]. Marine Policy, 2020, 118(104012).

Faming Huang, Boqing Huang,Jinliang Huang, Shenghui Li. Measuring Land Change in Coastal Zone around a Rapidly Urbanized Bay[J]. International Journal of Environmental Research & Public Health, 2018, 15(6):1059.

Yanhong Lin, Faming Huang, Jinliang Huang, Shenghui Li. Analysis on Main Characteristics of Implementation and Driving Mechanisms of Regional Planning of Sea Area Use in China[J]. Ocean Development and Management, 2018, 35(3):32-37. (In Chinese)

Shenghui Li. A Study on the Floating Marine Debris Governance Model from the Perspective of Cross-Boundary Governance: Case Study of Xiamen-Kinmen Sea Area [C]. Symposium of the Fifth Forum of Ocean Public Management of China, Qingdao, 2019: 24-34. (In Chinese)

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