Kemal Pınarbaşı


HELCOM Secretariat - Baltic Marine Environment Protection Commission
Katajanokanlaituri 6 B, 00160 Helsinki

Phone: +34 671 246 081
Education & career

Dr. Kemal Pınarbaşı is a marine spatial planning expert. Currentl, he works at HELCOM Secretariat as a project coordinator. His research focuses on decision support tools, marine spatial planning, marine ecosystem services and ocean accounting. In 2020, he got his Ph.D. degree with cum laude mention from the University of Basque Country. He has an Erasmus Mundus Master’s degree in Maritime Spatial Planning (University of Venice, University of Sevilla, and University of Azores). Besides, he has several highly-cited academic publications in international journals such as Marine Policy and Science of the Total Environment.

Selected publications (up to 5)

Pınarbası, K., I. Galparsoro, A. Borja, V. Stelzenmƺller, C. N. Ehler, A. Gimpel, 2017. Decision support tools in marine spatial planning: Present applications, gaps and future perspectives. Marine Policy, 83: 83-91.

Pınarbası, K., I. Galparsoro, A. Borja, 2019. End users’ perspective on decision support tools in marine spatial planning. Marine Policy, 108: 103658.

Pınarbası, K., I. Galparsoro, D. Depellegrin, J. Bald, G. Perez-Moran, A. Borja, 2019. A modelling approach for offshore wind farm feasibility with respect to ecosystem-based marine spatial planning. Science of The Total Environment, 667: 306-317.

Galparsoro, I; A. Murillas; K. Pınarbası; A. Sequeira; V. Stelzenmueller; A. Borja,; A. O ́Hagan; A. Boyd; S. Bricker; J.M. Garmendia,; A. Gimpel; A. Gangnery; S. Billing; Ø. Bergh; Ø. Strand; l. Hiu; B. Fragoso; J. Icely; J. Ren; N. Papageorgiou; J. Grant; D. Brigolin; R. Pastres; P. Tett. 2020, Global stakeholder vision for ecosystem-based marine aquaculture expansion from coastal to offshore areas, Reviews in Aquaculture

Pınarbası, K., I. Galparsoro, N. Alloncle, F. Quemmerais-amice, A. Borja, Visioning for a transboundary and ecosystem-based maritime spatial planning in the Bay of Biscay, Marine Policy

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