Josselin Guyot-Téphany

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Goal: Sustainable and efficient use of ocean space can be achieved through a combination of different ocean uses both in close proximity, through joint operations, or on the same platform. This requires a radical change from the concept of exclusive resource rights to the inclusive sharing of ocean resources by one or more uses. Such ocean multi-use (MU) approach can reduce the space demand and potentially offer significant socio-economic and environmental benefits. Many innovative multi-use concepts have been recently proposed by the marine planning, scientific and business community. However, actual MU developments are few, mainly due to a lack of knowledge about potential impactson the economy and the marine environment.

MULTI-FRAME project aims to increase the knowledge base and capacity of public and private actorsfor ocean MU systems, by providing concrete open source tools, assessment results and best practice examples. Results are expected to inform relevant actors and encourage them to systemically consider the concept in their marine planning practices and to streamline it in relevant ocean policies. As part of the project, the five multi-use scenarioswill be developed in 5 case study areas: Sweden, United States, Mozambique, France and Norway. The co-development approach will involve a wide range of public, private, research and community actors.

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