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    • Ivana Lukic

      Ivana Lukic

      Selected publications (up to 5): ...itime Spatial Planning. 2018. "MSP Toolkit" 2018, GEF LME: LEARN Project (Large Marine Ecosystems: Learning Exchange and Resource Network) “Ocean Multi-Use Action Plan”. MUSES project....

      • Emiliano Ramieri

        Emiliano Ramieri

        Selected publications (up to 5): ...Schupp, V. Vassilopoulou, M. Vergílio, 2019. Multi-use of the sea: A wide array..., J. Fernandez, A. Barbanti, 2019. Exploring Multi-Use potentials in the Euro-Medite...Ansong, M. Bocci, E. Ramieri, et al., 2018. Ocean Multi-Use Action Plan. MUSES Project. E...

        • Mario Caña Varona

          Mario Caña Varona

          Selected publications (up to 5): Calado H. et al. 2019. Multi-uses in the Eastern Atlantic: Building...Schultz-Zehden A. et al. 2018. Ocean Multi-Use Action Plan, MUSES Caña Varona...ña Varona M. 2016. Strengthening ocean governance and capacity-building...

          • Josselin Guyot-Téphany

            Josselin Guyot-Téphany

            Other key interests: Ocean Multi-useProjects: ...tainable and efficient use of ocean space can be achieved through a combination of different ocean uses both in close proximity,...s to the inclusive sharing of ocean resources by one or more uses. Such ocean multi-use (MU) approach can reduce...