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    • Stephen Hull

      Stephen Hull

      Projects: ...pport marine planning 2018 - Marine Plan Monitoring and Evaluation (Marine Management Organisati...e Plan areas. 2015 Review of Marine Plan Monitoring and Evaluation Frameworks (Marine Management...

      • Riku Varjopuro

        Riku Varjopuro

        Other key interests: Evaluation of MSPProjects: ...ral Baltic Programme (2016-2019), Pan Baltic Scope – Varjopuro leads a task that develops monitoring and evaluation processes for Polish and Latv...Selected publications (up to 5): Varjopuro, R. 2019. Evaluation of Marine Spatial Planning: Valuing the Process, Knowing the Impacts. In: Zaucha and Gee (eds.) Maritime Spatial Planning – past present and future....

        • Andrea Morf

          Andrea Morf

          Current teaching activities: ...ndary collaboration, institutional & policy analysis; institutional development for MSP, ICZM, natural resource and conservation management, evaluation, transdisciplinarity and know...

          • Vassiliki Celia Vassilopoulou

            Vassiliki Celia Vassilopoulou

            Projects: ...deep-sea   Policy oriented marine Environmental Research in the Southern European Seas (PERSEUS)   Monitoring and Evaluation of Spatially Managed Areas (M...

            • Nicholas Kathijotes

              Nicholas Kathijotes

              Education & career: ...est with emphases on Blue Economy, Blue Technology management and Blue infrastructure. Invited expert to numerous EU and other research project evaluations. Invited keynote by Governme...Projects: ...oject Number 16- Financed by The Agricultural Academy. "Technological Evaluation of the Effectiveness of Organ...roject Number 14-Financed by The Agricultural Academy "Agroecological evaluation of Wastewater Sludge and Orga...Selected publications (up to 5): ...Journal of Ecological Engineering and Environment Protection Integrated Coastal Zone Management - Preview and Evaluation of its Application on the Coa...

              • Emiliano Ramieri

                Emiliano Ramieri

                Selected publications (up to 5): ...eliverable of H-2020 funded MUSES project. European Commission - DG MARE and EASME, 2017. MSP Data Study – Evaluation of data and knowledge gaps to...

                • Andronikos Kafas

                  Andronikos Kafas

                  Projects: MSP, acoustic monitoring of marine mammals, habitat modelling of sea birds, designing and undertaking bathymetric surveys, ecosystem services evaluation, and other geospatial project...

                  • Cormac Walsh

                    Cormac Walsh

                    Research activities: Interests: Comparative study of practices of ICZM and MSP soft spaces of MSP Relationship between terrestrial and marine spatial planning Metageographies of coastal management Situated practices of nature conservation Evaluation of alignment of MSP with EU environmental objectives

                    • Ibon Galparsoro

                      Ibon Galparsoro

                      Projects: ...MeshAtlantic project (Mapping European Seabed Habitat in the Atlantic area for a better marine management; INTERREG IVB), MESMA (Monitoring and Evaluation of Spatially Managed Areas; 7...

                      • Catarina Frazão Santos

                        Catarina Frazão Santos

                        Selected publications (up to 5): ...os C, Ehler CN, Agardy T, Andrade F, Orbach M & Crowder LB. 2019. Marine Spatial Planning. In: Sheppard C (ed), World Seas: An Environmental Evaluation, Volume III: Ecological Issue...

                        • Lawrence (Larry) Hildebrand

                          Lawrence (Larry) Hildebrand

                          Education & career: ...cess and led corporate policy and integrated programs development and evaluation  1989 – 1990                ...environmental problems  1980 – 1989            Environmental Quality Evaluation Officer, Environment Canada,...