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    • Malena Ripken

      Malena Ripken

      Key interests: EnergyProjects: EU Interreg:NorthSEE - A North Sea Perspective on Shipping, Energy and Environmental Aspects in Maritime Spatial Planning (2016 - 2019) EU Erasmus+: SP-MSP - Strategic Partnership for Marine Spatial Planning (2016-2019)  

      • Stephen Jay

        Stephen Jay

        Key interests: EnergyResearch activities: ...The evolution of marine spatial planning in Europe Transboundary marine spatial planning Development scenarios for European seas Offshore wind energy planning in the UK...

        • Thomas Klenke

          Thomas Klenke

          Key interests: EnergySelected publications (up to 5):   VOGEL, C., RIPKEN, M. & KLENKE, Th. (2018): Linking Marine Ecosystem Services to the North Sea’s Energy Fields in Transnational Marin...

          • Heather Ritchie

            Heather Ritchie

            Address:     Dr Heather Ritchie LLB (Hons), MSc, PhD PG Cert HEP, FHEA, Ulster University  Lecturer in Spatial Planning and Energy Policy MSci Planning Regeneration and Development Belfa...

            • Andreas Kannen

              Andreas Kannen

              Key interests: Energy

              • Cathal O'Mahony

                Cathal O'Mahony

                Address: Centre for Marine and Renewable Energy - University College CorkKey interests: Energy

                • Bas Bolman

                  Bas Bolman

                  Key interests: Energy

                  • Jan P.M. van Tatenhove

                    Jan P.M. van Tatenhove

                    Key interests: EnergySelected publications (up to 5): ...n than being hit by it”/Reflections from the perspective of recreational anglers and boats for hire/Maritime spatial planning and marine renewable energy Marine spatial planning: powe...

                    • Stephen Hull

                      Stephen Hull

                      Key interests: Energy

                      • Wesley Flannery

                        Wesley Flannery

                        Key interests: EnergyProjects: 2020 -2023 Development  of  a  new  class  of  wave  energy  converter  based  on hydrodynamic lift forces  LIFTWEC (H2020) 2020 -2023  Holistic Sustainability Performance Assessment...

                        • Lawrence (Larry) Hildebrand

                          Lawrence (Larry) Hildebrand

                          Education & career: ...nt reports and coastal area assessments in Atlantic Canada  1979 – 1980             Research Support Team Leader, Fisheries & Oceans Canada / Energy, Mines & Resources Canada...

                          • Anne Marie O'Hagan

                            Anne Marie O'Hagan

                            Key interests: Energy

                            • Rozanne Spijkerboer

                              Rozanne Spijkerboer

                              Key interests: EnergyResearch activities: I am a PhD researcher focusing on Marine Spatial Planning in relation to energy transition. Specifically, I focus on harmonization between the institutional frameworks that guide various sectors offshore to accommodate energy transition at sea. Selected publications (up to 5): Spijkerboer, R., Zuidema, C., Busscher, T., & Arts, J. (2020) The performance of marine spatial planning in coordinating offshore wind energy with other sea-uses: The case of the Dutch North Sea. Marine Policy, 115: 103860. DOI:

                              • Helena Calado

                                Helena Calado

                                Projects: ...ional do Ambiente e do Mar, 2009/2011 - “Plano de Ordenamento do Espaço Marítimo" Instituto da Água, I.P. (INAG) 2009/2012 - “Spatial Demand for Energy”, Green Islands MIT Project....

                                • Steve Barnard

                                  Steve Barnard

                                  Key interests: Energy