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    • Bas Bolman

      Bas Bolman

      Education & career: ...jects relating to fisheries and aquaculture. These projects follow an int...IMPAQT, emphasising sustainable aquaculture in Europe in the context of I...plemented marine governance and aquaculture projects. Bolman was responsi...s for sustainable fisheries and aquaculture. Bolman studied at Wageningen...Key interests: AquaculturesProjects: ...eview and Analysis of Small Scale Aquaculture Production in East Africa on request of the Msingi Aquaculture Programme, Uganda Senior res...economy assessment for fisheries, aquaculture, shipping, dredging and oil &...Bolman was the coordinator of the aquaculture team and involved in the quic...Selected publications (up to 5): ...(2018). Review and analysis of small-scale aquaculture production in East Africa: Su.... G. M. Review and analysis of small-scale aquaculture production in East Africa: Pa...p; Stuiver, S. The feasibility of offshore aquaculture and its potential for multi-u...

      • Stephen Hull

        Stephen Hull

        Key interests: AquaculturesProjects: ...-existence assessment across MMO’s main functions 2013 Aquaculture and Fisheries Futures Analysi...repare a futures analysis for commercial and subsistence fishing and aquaculture within the South Coast of Eng...

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        • Andrej Abramić

          Blue Innovation in Islands, EcoAqua Summer school (Fourth edition)

          ...plied to relevant topics such as Governance,Aquaculture, Marine Spatial Planning and...h and Ocean Governance• Innovations in Aquaculture• Current trends in Marin...sted in Blue Growth,Bioeconomy, Sustainable Aquaculture, Marine Conservation, Coastal...