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    • Brice Trouillet

      Brice Trouillet

      Selected publications (up to 5): ...complex relationships between marine protected areas and marine spatial planning: Towards an...knowledge' of fisheries into marine spatial planning. Maritime St...e place given to fisheries in marine spatial planning. Geoforum, 107,...h experience. Contribution to marine spatial planning perspective...

      • Bas Bolman

        Bas Bolman

        Education & career: ...Bolman is a senior advisor in marine and coastal management at the context of topics such marine governance, Integrated Coastal Zone Management (ICZM), Marine Spatial Planning (MSP), clima...00 assessment of fisheries in Marine Protected Areas. From 2008-2010 he has been s...

        • Anne Marie O'Hagan

          Anne Marie O'Hagan

          Other key interests: Marine Protected Areas

          • Vassiliki Celia Vassilopoulou

            Vassiliki Celia Vassilopoulou

            Projects: ...ble Management of coAstal and maRine  Environment (Portodimare) w...the-project/    Actions for Marine Protected Area (AMARE) http://msp-p...projects/amare-actions-marine-protected-areas   Multi-Use in European Seas (M...ds COast to COast NETworks of marine protected areas (from the shore to the high a...

            • Geoff Coughlan

              Geoff Coughlan

              Education & career: ...stal and ocean management and marine spatial planning (MSP) in New...t of the first graduate level marine spatial planning program in University’s Fisheries and Marine Institute. He currently serv...establishment of the Eastport Marine Protected Areas (both as per Canada’s Oceans...Current teaching activities: ...Academic Director of the Fisheries and Marine Institute's Master of Marine Studies (Marine Spatial Plann...tegrated Coastal and Ocean Management / Marine Spatial Planning MSTM 6013 R...Use Characterization MSTM 6015 Marine Protected Areas...

              • Emiliano Ramieri

                Emiliano Ramieri

                Projects: ...: National Research Council – Marine Sciences Institute. Role:, planning of maritime sub-areas, organisation of the process o...f interactions between Marine Protected Areas and maritime transports and p...Case studies on multi-use of marine areas. 2016-2018; European MSP Pla...

                • Katrina Howell

                  Katrina Howell

                  Projects: ...levance. 2019 - Marine Management Organisation...ound the world and identified areas of best practice that could he...dvisor on the alignment of UK marine science to achieve maximum for managing marine protected areas and sea fisheries control and enf...

                  • Caroline Salthouse

                    Caroline Salthouse

                    Other key interests: marine protected areas

                    • Leopoldo Cavaleri Gerhardinger

                      Leopoldo Cavaleri Gerhardinger

                      Education & career: ...Society 2006 - 2007 University College London (United Kingdom) Msc. in Conservation Dissertation "Local Ecological Knowledge and Marine Protected Areas for Marine Conservation in Brazil" 200...Selected publications (up to 5): ...urra, A., 2019. Unveiling the genesis of a marine spatial planning arena in Bra...ines of ocean sustainability. Frontiers in Marine Science. v4, article 395, ht...mall-scale fisheries governability through Marine Protected Areas in Southern Brazil. In: Gover...

                      • Alicia Said

                        Alicia Said

                        Selected publications (up to 5): ...MacMillan, D., 2018. Crossroads at Sea: Escalating conflicts in a marine protected area in Malta, Estuarine a...i, M., Tzanopoulos, J., 2017. Fishing in a congested sea: What do marine protected areas imply for the future of the M...

                        • Jon C. Day

                          Jon C. Day

                          Selected publications (up to 5): ...n Proc. International Tropical Marine Ecosystem Management Symposiu...lishing Representative No-Take Areas in the Great Barrier Reef: Lar...le Implementation of Theory on Marine Protected Areas. Conservation Biology, Vol. 19, N...dangers in new contexts plague marine protected areas. Aquatic Conservati...

                          • Olivier Laroussinie

                            Olivier Laroussinie

                            Education & career: ...s and national parks policy. He took the direction of the French marine protected areas Agency in February 2007, at its v...participated to international seminars and events in relation with marine strategic planning issues, a...