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    • Marius Werner

      MSP NATURE 2020

      MSP Nature 2020 shall serve as a platform in order to present and discuss different aspects of Marine Spatial Planning (MSP) applying an Ecosystem-Based-Appr...

      • MSPRN Admin

        Spatial Strategies at the Land-Sea Interface: Rethinking Maritime Spatial Planning

        Hamburg: 11-13th September 2019 Workshop Them...stitutional and policy space to land-based terrestrial spatial planning....practices of integrated coastal zone management are displaced through a...d the potential to engage with place-based knowledges and multiple ways of kn...

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        • Thomas Klenke

          Thomas Klenke

          Key interests: Aquacultures, Ecosystem based management, Education (problem drivern), Energy, ICM, Integrated assessment, MSP processes, MSP training, Transboundary

          • Malena Ripken

            Malena Ripken

            Key interests: Ecosystem based management, Education (problem drivern), Education (research-based), Energy, MSP processes, MSP training, Power relations, Practitioner involvement, Spatial theory, Transboundary

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