Zhiwei Zhang

Research Center for Coastal Science and Marine Planning
The First Institute of Oceanography, Ministry of Natural Resources, P.R. China
No.6, Xianxialing Road, Qingdao, Shandong, P. R. China
Research activities

Prof. Zhang has done lots of work to promote MSP theory and application research both in national and international jobs in the East and Southeast Asian area in the last ten years, including national, provincial and local level MSP projects in China and international level MSP cooperation with Thailand, South Korea and others. Prof. Zhang has more than twenty publications in domestic and international peer-reviewed academic journals and book/chapters. Currently, Prof. Zhang works at the Research Center for Coastal Science and Marine Planning at the First Institute of Oceanography, Ministry of Natural Resources, China. He also serves as the member of  International Expert Group of the MSPglobal 2030 and a consultant for COBSEA/UNEP in Marine Spatial Planning.

  1. Accelerate Marine Spatial Planning in the Western Pacific and its adjacent area, UN Ocean Decade Activity, 2022-2027
  2. China-ASEAN Blue Partership in Marine Spatial Planning, 1/2021-12/2023
  3. China- Thailand Marine Spatial Planning Cooperative Study Project, 1/2017-12/2022.
  4. China- Korea Marine Spatial Planning Cooperative Study Project, 1/2018- 12/2021.
  5. National Island Protection Planning Assessment Project, 1/2018- 12/2018.
Selected publications (up to 5)
  1. Zhiwei Zhang, Lawrence Hildebrand, Marine and Coastal Spatial Planning Policy in the East Asian Seas: Assessment, Lessons Learned and Recommendations towards ecosystem-based management and sustainable blue economy. COBSEA/UNEP, Blue Solutions, 2022
  2. Iglesias Campos, Alejandro, Rubeck, Julia, Sanmiguel-Esteban, David , Schwarz, Guido, Joseph Onwona Ansong, Ingela Isaksson, Michele Quesada-Silva, Joanna Smith, Juan Luis Suárez de Vivero, Riku Varjopur, Zhiwei Zhang. MSPglobal International Marine/Maritime Spatial Planning Guide, IOC/UNESCO, 2021
  3. Zhiwei Zhang, Sakana Plathong, etc. Analysis of the island tourism environment based on tourists’ perception—A case study of Koh Lan, Thailand. Ocean and Coastal Management, 197, 2020
  4. Xiaoxiao Yu, Zhiwei Zhang, Aiping Feng, etc. Recent history of metal contamination in the Fangcheng Bay (Beibu Gulf, South China) utilizing spatially-distributed sediment cores: Responding to local urbanization and industrialization, Marine Pollution Bulletin, Volume 158, 2020.
  5. Chi, Y., Zhang, Z., Wang, J., Xie, Z., Gao, J. Island protected area zoning based on ecological importance and tenacity, Ecological Indicators, Volume 112, May 2020

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