Pascal Thoya


Seestr. 15, 18119 Rostock, Germany

Education & career


Currently: PhD Fellow at the University of Hamburg and Macquarie university  My Research Work is on Marine Spatial Planning and Ecosystem-Based Management in the  Indian Ocean Region 

2015: Graduate of the Joint Master Course on Maritime Spatial Planning Offered by  Università Iuav di Venezia, University of Seville and University of Azores

2009: Graduated with a Bachelor degree in Fisheries and Aquatic sciences from Moi University in Kenya. 



Currently: Research Associate at the University of Hamburg and The Leibniz Institute for Baltic Sea Research Warnemünde (IOW) (Marine Planning Unit)

Since 2012: Research Scientist Kenya Marine and Fisheries Research Institute 

2009-2012: Research Assistant at Wildlife Conservation Society Kenya Marine Program

Available for teaching/education
Research activities
  • Marine Spatial Planning - Principle , Methods and Application in developing counties 
  • Incorporating Marine Spatial Planning Principles in  Fisheries  Management 
Selected publications (up to 5)

Thoya, P., Pérez-Jorge, S., Okemwa, G. M., Mwamlavya, H., Tuda, A., Wambiji, N., & Maina, J. M.
(2020). Spatial patterns and environmental risks of ringnet fishing along the Kenyan coast. African
Journal of Marine Science, 42(1), 23-33.

Thoya, P., Kaunda-Arara, B., Omukoto, J., Munga, C., Kimani, E. and Tuda, A.O., 2019. Trawling
effort distribution and influence of vessel monitoring system (VMS) in Malindi-Ungwana Bay:
Implications for resource management and marine spatial planning in Kenya. Marine Policy, 109,

Thoya, Pascal, and Tim M. Daw. "Effects of assets and weather on small-scale coastal fishers’
access to space, catches and profits." Fisheries Research 212 (2019): 146-153.

Arthur Omondi Tuda and Pascal Thoya,. " Cumulative impacts assessment to support ecosystem
based marine spatial planning in Kenya.". Kitsiou D. and Karydis M. (Ed) Marine Spatial Planning:
Methodologies, Environmental Issues and Current Trends. Nova publishers. (2017.)

Joshua E. Cinner , Tim Daw , Cindy Huchery , Pascal Thoya , Andrew Wamukota ,Maria Cedras &
Caroline Abunge (2014) Winners and Losers in Marine Conservation: Fishers' Displacement and
Livelihood Benefits from Marine Reserves, Society & Natural Resources: An International Journal,
27:9, 994-1005, DOI: 10.1080/08941920.2014.918229

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