Nicholas Kathijotes

Education & career

Experienced International consultant and academic with a demonstrated history of working in the higher education industry. Skilled in Water Resources and Wastewater Management, Blue Economy infrastructure, Ocean protection, and Climate Change. Strong US education professional with a Doctorate focused in Environmental Engineering from the University of Architecture, Civil Engineering and Geodesy (UACEG) BG.
Numerous keynote invitations to international events on topics of interest with emphases on Blue Economy, Blue Technology management and Blue infrastructure.

Invited expert to numerous EU and other research project evaluations. Invited keynote by Government of Vietnam on Blue Economy infrastructure.

Current teaching activities

The UNIVERSITY OF NICOSIA - Wastewater Management (treatment and reuse).


COST Action 15217 (Active): Ocean Governance for Sustainability - challenges, options and the role of science.

Project №.ДФНИ-Е01/3; “Ecology of agro-environmental systems and increase energy efficiency by applying revised bio organic waste as fertilizer, energy crops and complex use of biomass as an energy source” National Project funded by the Ministry of Education of Bulgaria from27.11.2012. Consultant

COST Action ES 1003 The Cyprus Research Organization, has recently approved and suggested Prof. Dr. Nicholas Kathijotes, IOI (Cyprus) FP, to participate as Member of the Management Committee of Cost Action ES1003 «Development and implementation of a pan-European Marine Biodiversity Observatory System (EMBOS) »

FP7 EU ‘NOVIWAM’ Project on Water Resources (Budget 2.5M Euro): Partner, Scientific Coordinator on behalf of CUT. Starting Feb2010 ending Feb 2013.

LIFE project/PURE: From Treated Wastewater to Alternative Water Resources in Semi-Arid Regions INTERREG II GREECE – CYPRUS programme/PREMARPOL: Prevention & Combating of Marine Pollution in Ports & Marinas

Project Number 03XT 52 - Financed By the Agricultural Academy "Treatment Technology and Application of Domestic Solid Wastes, Industrial and Agricultural Wastes, of Fertilizers and in the Reclamation of Disturbed Terrain." In collaboration with N.Poushkarov Institute of Soil Science.BG. (1.01 .2007-31.12.2010)

COST EU research program Action 637: National Coordinator for Cyprus” Metals and related substances in drinking water” Research programs regarding a European survey of metals and related substances at the tap. Assessment of the impact of membrane treatment systems on the corrosion characteristics of treated waters. Scoping exercise for pan-European studies to demonstrate best practices in dealing with metals and related substances in small water supply systems. Determining of best practicable environmental options (BPEO) for recycling or disposing of wastes from drinking water treatment.

Proposed by The Cyprus Research Organization (YPE), to represent Cyprus in the Management Committee of the above Action as National Coordinator, 2007-2010.

COST EU research program Action 629: Fate, impact, and indicators of water pollution in natural porous media at different scales, participated in WG2 dealing with Biochemical Dynamics from Soil to Groundwater. Participated in workshop “Monitoring of the quality of subsurface water bodies: approaches, experiences and effectiveness”, Larnaca, Cyprus    (8-9/12/ 2005) and presented research work on the effects of wastewater reuse on soils in Cyprus. Participated in a meeting in Bratislava (May 2006) in his capacity as Member of the Management Committee of this program.

Project Number 16- Financed by The Agricultural Academy. "Technological Evaluation of the Effectiveness of Organic Wastes for use in Agriculture" In collaboration with N.Poushkarov Institute of Soil Science.BG (1 .01 .2004-31 .12.2006)

Project Number 14-Financed by The Agricultural Academy "Agroecological evaluation of Wastewater Sludge and Organic Manure for Use in Agriculture". In collaboration with N.Poushkarov Institute of Soil      Science.BG (1 .01 .1999-31 .12. 2003)

Project Number7/2005 Financed by Minproekt EAD "Evaluation of the Effect of Industrial Gypsum wastes for land reclamation when mixed with Ash and Clay" In collaboration with N.Poushkarov Institute of Soil Science.BG (1.09.2005- 1, 09.2007)

Project Number 8/2005 Financed by Minproekt EAD "Application of Industrial Gypsum Wastes as an improvement Agent to Saline Soils" In collaboration with N.Poushkarov Institute of Soil Science.BG (6.12.2005-15.10.2008)


Project Number 16/2005- Financed by Sofia Water Company "Technology for the Application of Treated Wastewater and Sludge from Sofia Wastewater Treatment Plant in Agriculture" In collaboration with N.Poushkarov Institute of Soil Science.BG (15.03.2005-15.11 .2008)

Selected publications (up to 5)
Aquaculture, coastal pollution and the environment CO-AUTHORJohn Wiley & Sons, Ltd
Keynote: Blue Economy - Environmental and Behavioural Aspects Towards Sustainable Coastal Development AUTHOR Elsevier BV
‘Blue Technology towards Sustainable Urban and Coastal Development’ AUTHOR, Journal of Ecological Engineering and Environment Protection
Integrated Coastal Zone Management - Preview and Evaluation of its Application on the Coast of Cyprus CO-AUTHOR Wiley-Blackwell
Blue Technology-The Water-Energy Interrelationship Renewable Energies and Nutrient Recovery-AUTHOR ASIA-PACIFIC JOURNAL OF SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY

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