Clare Waldmann

Education & career

Clare Waldmann (MLA Environmental Planning, BA Environmental Studies & Geography) is a maritime planning and policy consultant with s.Pro – sustainable projects GmbH and the main contact for the European MSP Platform at the Central Office in Berlin, Germany. She coordinates the day-to-day operations of the Central Office and the MSP Platform, and is also engaged with the development of knowledge products, communication with Member State MSP authorities, and event planning and management. Specifically, Clare curates knowledge and experiences presented in the MSP Practices Database and FAQ sections. Drawing from her background in project management and coordination, Clare applies her science-to-policy communication skills and ocean governance knowledge from her work as a Project Manager for the California Ocean Protection Council (USA). Clare was awarded a Robert Bosch Foundation Fellowship in 2014-2015, through which she gained experience working on pan-European and international initiatives at Ecologic Institute and the Blue Solutions Initiative. Clare is also an experienced researcher and speaker, having taught at the University of California, Berkeley. 


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